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A Journey of More Than 13 Years!

My Name is Umer & I Train People to Make a Living with Digital Skills …

An Ordinary Guy and a Digital Marketer from Multan, Pakistan Who have spent more than 13 Years of his life in the Digital World – Learning, Unlearning, Practicing & Failing as a Blogger, SEO Practitioner, Affiliate Marketer, Ecommerce Specialist. Currently Heading a Digital Marketing Training with the name, The Mastermind Mindset & Have Tranined More Than 4500+ Students Worldwide…

Alhemdulillah, It has Become Industry's Most Results Driven & Top Rated Training. A Training that Changed the Entire Landscape & Process of Digital Marketing Trainings Online…

We have trained more than 4500+ students worldwide.

Alhamdulillah, it has become the industry's most Results-Driven and Rop-Rated training – a program that has transformed the entire landscape and process of how online digital marketing trainings were usually conducted.

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